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How to Run Node.Js Application as Different User?

In your .env file add USER=www-data Note: I have choose to run node as the user www-data you can choose any other appropriate one. Now Run $ npm i userid –save At the top of your app.js or index.js file add const userid = require(‘userid’);const user = process.env.USER;const uid = parseInt(user), 10);// Set server’s uid […]

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How to Exit from Linux CLI Editor / VIM

Often for newbies how to exit form VIM or CLI (command line interface) editor is confusing. I’ve seen people just close the CLI in out of frustration. Follow the instruction below if you finding it hard to exit from VIM   Press Esc key couple of time. This will ensure that you are back in […]

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How to Change PHP Version for Current Directory – Godaddy – Linux Hosting

So, I recently had a special case where my client was using older version of php in his godaddy hosting and didn’t want to upgrade. But for the current project I needed to enable php 5.4. I couldn’t use godaddy control panel to change/upgrade php version because that would change the php version for whole […]

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Permanently (301) Redirect Old Domain URL to New Domain URL Using .htaccess – Linux Server

Make sure to change url for and

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